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7 How to Use Credit Cards Properly

Successful have a credit card does not mean managed to use it properly. Using a credit card to be wise because you're actually owe the bank. Just like all kinds of debt, credit card debt also must be paid. If it fails to pay off a credit card bill in accordance with the time, you will be charged interest is relatively high at 2.75 percent-3 percent each month.
Having a credit card can also encourage consumer behavior, because indirectly you will not feel "the money will run out." This will have an impact on personal and family financial condition.
see also: Losses and Adverse Effects of the Credit Card! You should know this.
For that you need to use a credit card wisely. Here are some ways you can do to make it happen:
7 How to Use Credit Cards Properly
1. Expenditure according to plan
One way to control spending is to shop according to the budget plan has been prepared. It is not easy, but you should try to control themselves so that resources that could be used for othe…

Losses and Adverse Effects of the Credit Card! You should know this

Credit cards are a paradise for those who love to shop. In addition to the convenience offered, any credit card accepted in all countries. Credit cards also often offer the convenience of shopping online and also rebates on certain merchants. In addition, if you want to buy an item with a sizeable nominal (electronic device, smartphone or household items), you can pay by installments system.
With a credit card, you do not have to bother carrying cash everywhere and also a reliable credit card for immediate needs that might be at that moment, you do not have enough funds to pay for it. In reality, these benefits are not comparable with the consequences of the use of credit cards is not responsible. Below are a few examples of the losses that could occur like that.
Losses and Adverse Effects of the Credit Card! You should know this
1. The system of using a credit card is the system of debt.
Basically, using a credit card is to use the bank's money to finance the shopping process. The…

Credit card or debit card? which one is better for you

Banks generally issue two types of card is a debit card and a credit card. The reason behind why this card-issuing bank because the bank wants its customers to gain the ease to transact without the need to carry money in physical form. Each of these cards has advantages and disadvantages for users Here we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of debit cards and credit cards. [ If you want to know Credit Card, types, and characteristics, read this article ]
Excess Debit Card
1] When you shop with your debit card is tantamount to carrying cash. Unlike the credit card that does not have a nominal money in credit cards, debit cards is your own money you tube in the bank.
2] Can make transactions in large amounts as an example you are trading up to tens or even hundreds of millions for your savings in the bank sufficient.
3] If you make a transaction with a debit card, you will not be considered debt by banks as done by a credit card to get a debit card is much easier because custo…

Understanding Credit Card, types, and characteristics

Credit cards are the means of payment of cash that can be used by consumers to be exchanged for goods and services they want in the places that can accept payment by credit card (merchant). Credit cards can also be interpreted as one of banking facilities that facilitate customer transactions. You stay swipe a credit card and we just pay when the bill arrived. Both bills physical sheet being sent to your home or e-statement that is sent via email.
Compared with other types of consumer loans offered by banks, credit card is a type of loan that is approved if you qualify accepted credit cards are a photocopy of ID card, paycheck or income, and photographs and other certificates deemed necessary. Before you apply for a credit card, you must first understand what a credit card definition, types and characteristics.
Even at the current development, if the prospective cardholders who apply for credit cards have had a credit card before, the prospective cardholders are concerned only need to…