Know Your Mobile Banking, What Advantages and Disadvantages?

Now there are many people who have a sophisticated mobile phones but not yet used to the maximum. Almost all of the sophisticated mobile phones are now equipped with internet connection and features a banking service called mobile banking. Banking services via this phone will make your life more simple in all things banking.

Have had the experience where you forgot to pay the electricity bill, water, or even a credit card because of busyness so that forgotten or have not had to pay for it? Or have you ever been in a situation where the need to transfer money to a person, but the condition it was raining and you need to carry out a transaction money immediately? If you already understand and know the facilities and mobile banking features, then when faced with a situation such as that previously mentioned, you will not panic and will easily perform banking transactions.

What Advantages and Disadvantages?

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What exactly is the mobile banking? Listen detailed description of the services of the following products.

Mobile Banking Makes Life Feels Size and Without Boundaries

Mobile banking is a service provided by the bank to perform various banking transactions through sharing features available on smartphones. A glimpse of mobile banking services is similar to SMS banking services, but in reality mobile banking has more features than the SMS banking. When using SMS banking services, transactions can only be done using a short message (SMS), then using the mobile banking service you can use other advanced features.

This feature can be accessed in two ways. The first is to use the application by downloading the mobile banking service applications in the app-store that is provided on a smartphone you have. The second way is by accessing through the menu provider. However, not all providers have a mobile banking service, there are only a few providers that provide mobile banking services. As one example is the mobile banking BCA which can be accessed through the provider Indosat, XL and Telkomsel.

Easy Ways to Register Mobile Banking Android App

Sign up android mobile banking you can do yourself easily through the following steps:

download site where you join bank mobile banking services
Send SMS with in accordance with the format provided by the bank in which you become a customer, for example, to an independent bank type "Reg Mobile" and send it to number 3335
Once the application has been downloaded, please create a password and a secret identity that you'll later use to login
If still unclear please contact customer service at your bank
If you are still in doubt with this service, it is worth reading in detail the advantages of mobile banking following:

Advantages of Mobile Banking Before You Go

Mobile banking services have advantages compared to internet banking because it is relatively easy to obtain connectivity, while for internet banking is not all over the place there is the Internet network. This enables customers to conduct financial transactions thus saving much time.

A simple feature to make mobile banking via mobile phone is very easy to understand. All the instructions given in detail so easy and cost effective. Besides mobile banking facilities has lower costs than online banking.

From the security of mobile banking could reduce the risk of fraud because customers will receive an SMS when there is activity on customer accounts both deposits, withdrawals, or transfers between accounts.

Banks also feel lucky to Mobile banking services because it can reduce the cost of tele-banking and more economically, in addition to the additional facilities can be easier for consumers conducting transactions, so the bank can improve their customer satisfaction. In addition the bank also feel closer and able to reach their customers with mobile banking.

Bank products can also be promoted easily through advertising mobile banking services such as credit cards, loans, and other specific customer groups. In addition to the promotion of the products, a variety of bank services that can be accessed through mobile banking includes account payment information, update the amount of savings, transaction history, money transfer facilities, and other can be accessed directly via mobile phone customers.

Another thing that makes mobile banking increasingly popular is the customer can transfer money directly to the bank accounts of the same or different through mobile banking with a broad range of network connectivity exceed beyond internet banking.

Although sophisticated, it turns out mobile banking has weaknesses to be aware of mobile banking users. Here's a shortage of mobile banking:

Disadvantages Mobile Banking Should Realize

Security features become one of the issues is the use of mobile banking. This after security experts generally agree that mobile banking is more secure than online banking because very few viruses and trojans that attack the smartphone, however, users of mobile banking was more vulnerable to attack fraud called "smishing." The cause of this fraud caused more by mobile banking users receive a text message asking fake bank account details from a hacker posing as financial institutions. Mode such as this have managed to make a lot of people who are trapped and the money spent.

Although online banking system has security features via an encrypted connection so that hackers can not read data transmitted, but this does not apply when its smartphone is stolen. Unfortunately again a lot of people set their smartphone device can store passwords or using passwords and pin unsafe or can be easily guessed.

The issue of shortage of other mobile banking is about Compatibility. To be able to optimally access mobile banking customers require a smartphone. Even some banks do not provide mobile banking to mobile phones other than smartphones like the iPhone and Blackberry. In addition, support mobile banking, third party software may not be compatible for all types of smartphones. If the client does not own a smartphone, the type of mobile banking that can be used is usually limited, so some features are not accessible. Checked the savings account via SMS is not a problem, but the more advanced features eg, transfers between accounts are not generally available to mobile phone users older models that still have to use a smartphone.

Operability phone becomes a challenge for mobile ebanking services, where there are a large number of different mobile devices and it is a big challenge for banks to offer mobile banking solutions on any kind of device. Some of these devices support Java ME and other supports SIM Application Toolkit, WAP, or SMS only.

The actual cost is not very significant effect if the customer already has the appropriate device, but unfortunately some financial institutions require more payment for mobile banking services. Beyond that there is also the cost of software. The extra cost to the customer is rapidly growing, especially when accessing mobile banking customers often become extra income so as pleasure for the bank.

However compared with sms banking or internet banking, though, mobile banking is easier to practice because we do not need to remember codes in transactions. In addition, the use of mobile banking, if we do not have a pulse, we can still use this feature while getting an internet connection such as wifi. But keep in mind, you have to delete all the data that is left behind on the phone if you are going to sell it someday, to prevent the occurrence of crime and abuse of this feature. So please use this range has been given, but remember you have to keep on alert and careful in using the convenience provided.


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