8 Strategies Have a Home Before Age 30

Owning a home is a dream for many young people, almost everyone wants it to be realized into reality. Not just a pride in itself for the owner, but it is also as a proof of a person's success in the still relatively young age.

Many people make the house as a benchmark of achievement in their lives. It is very reasonable for having a home is always more fun when compared with the ownership of assets in other forms such as apartments. The house is also one form of assets with an investment that is always rising every year, it is also one of the reasons why people vying to invest their money in the house. Hopes for greater profits and sales value dropped almost never have made the house into a seed investment with a very large investor. Not to mention the amount of demand for homes is also always crowded. It is then the reason why house prices so high and increased significantly each year. Then the question is, is it possible that we can have a dream home at age before 30?

8 Strategies Have a Home Before Age 30

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When you view the moment on the amount of income that we have today, it is probable that some of us will doubt it can be transformed into a reality. Or perhaps some of us just have to give up at the beginning shortly after knowing the amount of advances to be paid can reach tens to hundreds of millions. It is certainly reasonable to happen, but the steps below will help us dispel doubts to soon have a home before the age of 30.

1. saving money by Discipline

It could be that you have been saving money all along, but until now has not been able to raise some funds to buy a house. In this case, the method that you use while saving money needs to be re-evaluated. You will not be able to buy a house when the amount of savings that you have no right, even though you've been saving money for years, it is still difficult to realize.

Set the amount of savings that you want to save money each month, a minimum of 30% of your monthly income. Separate the money in a special account, always prioritizing saving every time you receive a paycheck. Do this regularly every month, and within a few years the money raised can be used as a fund to buy the house.

2. Finding Employment

This is one solution that you can do, especially for those who have an income in the amount of mediocre. It would be very difficult for you to own a home if we rely solely salary amount will be spent on meeting basic needs.

Discover a side job that you can do without disturbing the main work in the office. You can do this second job after returning office or on Saturday and Sunday when the holiday schedule. There are many job options that you can consider, one of which is to become a freelancer. Progress information system has allowed us to be able to access a lot of work online, then you can use it to get some extra income. There are many jobs that are offered through the Internet, select and do a job that is in accordance with the expertise you have.

3. Start Investing

Leaving money in the bank settles in the long term is not an option right thing to do. Start thinking to invest and make your money multiply through investment.

You can start by joining it to invest in the business managed friends or family, this of course will make you gain a number of advantages in the future. You can also invest your money in safer investments, such as gold, deposits, or mutual funds.

4. Save Cost Housing

When you work away from home and it makes you have to live separately with the family, then there will be a monthly fee that you need to spend to pay for boarding / renting a house located close to the office.

You can remove the fees or at least reducing their numbers and allocate them as funds monthly savings. No harm you ride stay with family / relatives whose house is close to your office, or looking for a boarding house with a low monthly rental fee also could you make a choice.

5. Looking for Loans

Most people find it difficult to have a home when a knock on the problems advances involve substantial. This is often the basic reason for many people to then fail to apply for a home loan.

To overcome these permasalahann, it would not hurt if you had expressed an intention and borrowed some money to family / friends. Do not be embarrassed to seek a loan, especially a lack of funds that you experience only a certain percentage of any of the provisions of the bank, would be a pity not when you have to defer to apply for a home loan because of lack of money advance.

6. Finding Installment Compatible

Always consider a good amount of your income to the value of mortgage loan you have to pay each month. It is very important to do because mortgages are loans with repayment period can be very long (up to 30 years), therefore you should be careful in doing calculations in your finances.

Do not be tempted by short-term mortgage rates offered only because it is much lighter. You have to keep adjusting your ability to pay by the number of installments should you deposited each month. Do not let your payments each month is too large, making the entire plan your finances into a mess and you are burdened with debt repayments in arrears at a later date.

7. Do not Delay Buying a Home

Make the house as a procurement needs are a priority for you and never put off to buy it. At the moment you have had a number of sufficient funds to apply for the mortgage, then immediately think of to do the filing in the near future.

Make sure that you immediately perform a series of surveys, for example, by visiting the location of housing to be purchased, go to the bank and ask for information about the services the mortgage. After having the right choice, then immediately ask your mortgage.

8. Utilizing the Basic Health Insurance Premiums For Advances

Although still young and may rarely sick, but there's nothing wrong you have health insurance as a form of protection against medical expenses that may be issued at a later date. Aside from being a form of protection, it can also be used as a form of savings.

Follow the health insurance program with intermediate nominal value of the fund and the monthly deposit money can be taken back after 5 years into the future, of course, with a number of pieces by insurers. However, these funds can be used as additional funds for the down payment of your home.


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