6 Smart Tips In Choosing Car Insurance

Increased car growing every year, it makes the roads more crowded and often cause congestion. Besides congestion, increased car also cause other problems such as traffic accidents and crime. Because the traffic accident that occurred not only cause minor injuries but also the loss of life of a person who can be detrimental to all parties, whether the accident victims, their families, as well as other road users.

6 Smart Tips In Choosing Car Insurance
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In some cases, the accident could lead to large financial losses. Did you realize that accidents can not be avoided? But the resulting loss can be anticipated by transferring to a third party, which is registered on the part of car insurance.

An understanding of insurance is quite important to remember insurance is one effective way to plan and manage finances in order to avoid large expenditures abruptly. Best car insurance is one type of protection is important and required by the car owner. Because at times like now more users car so as to increase the volume of vehicles in the world, especially in big cities, which until now still not backed up with the speed of road expansion.

If you have not already, begin to select the type of auto insurance is right for your needs and note also of the type of car insurance product you choose, whether the best car insurance will cover all your needs?

1. Adjust Type Insurance With Your Needs

The first thing you should look at when choosing the best auto insurance is the age of the car itself, the condition of the engine and the car body condition. By knowing the condition of the vehicle, you can easily choose the type of insurance that will be selected.

There are 2 types of Car Insurance:

All Risk Insurance or the comprehensive
The first type of car insurance is car insurance all risk. This type of insurance can be referred to the comprehensive insurance or a whole because of the type of insurance all risk is appropriately selected if your car is new aged 0-10 years, because at that age, the condition of the car body is seamless, requiring a total protection. All risk insurance has different types of extensions that you can add as losses due to collision or theft and flood protection. By using all risk insurance product, you will get a temporary replacement car while your car is in the repair times in the workshop. In addition, all risk insurance and still have other types of protection, such as third party claims, damages due to collision, overturned, slip, fall, until the fires.

Insurance TLO (Total Loss Only)
In accordance with its meaning, Total Loss Only (TLO) is insurance that "only (if) the total loss". Type of car insurance is concerned with the protection and process insurance claims can only be filed if the total loss of course, is a total loss in this TLO insurance is due to theft or damage. Where the repair cost the same or more than 75% above the price of the car. TLO insurance is timely selected if the car you are aged 10-15 years, because at that age, body condition of the car was not as smooth as it used to and certainly will not be used again. If the car is long (6-10 years) using car insurance all risk, it will cost loading rate of 5% per year.

TLO insurance has its own advantages, namely the cost of insurance premiums are cheaper, compared to all risk insurance which does have lebi insurance premiums higher. and When viewed from the side of its protection all risk insurance provides protection more comprehensively than the TLO insurance.

2. Make Product and Company Insurance Comparison

Comparing the types of vehicle protection products in similar companies of different auto insurance will be very helpful to know what types of services and budget protection that best suits your needs. Comparison can be done by browsing the official website of each company, besides you can also come directly to the office that will protect your car and asked through an insurance agent.

3. Listen and Recommendations Considering Dealer

In determining the best car insurance company would have to also pay attention from car insurance to be selected. It is advisable to listen to the recommendations of the vehicle dealer. At least you will be guided in choosing an insurance company and an insurance company given any recommendations they think are pretty good and can be trusted and you will get some important information from the companies recommended by the dealer. Once you get a recommendation from a dealer that does not mean those recommendations directly to take decisions. However, you also need to and have to search for more information about insurance companies that have been recommended and also seek references insurance company back on its own as a benchmark as well as a match or not with you and also precise with your car.

4. Adjust Capabilities Pay Insurance Premiums

The more the expansion of best car insurance coverage taken is getting better and make the protection of your car is safe. But the number of expansion makes the premium price also increased. You should adjust the product selected by ability to pay insurance premiums, do not because the cost of insurance premiums are too expensive to make you have to go into debt to pay for it. It should be noted also, to not be tempted by the cheap cost of insurance premiums for the insurance premiums cost does not mean you will get a guarantee of good service and excellent, there is no quality price. Should do well beforehand comparisons on product protection programs with other insurance companies.

5. Understanding Type Vehicle Insurance Policy Will Be Awarded

Understanding the type of policy in selecting the best auto insurance is an important thing for you when it will be a prospective customer, so that you understand and know what are the points that will cover your vehicle marked on the vehicle insurance policy. Understanding the best car insurance policy is not an easy task because the language contained in the policy is a complex legal language, usually written in small letters and long sentences. However, to better understand you can ask for dummy copy of the policy or the best car insurance policy. Copy policy usually contains a standard policy of each company vehicle protection program, this policy describes the rules and agreements between the customer and the parties bear or insurance companies.

Here are the bullet points of the insurance policy that must be understood:

Risks Guaranteed
Understand the risks that are guaranteed under the vehicle insurance policy and auto insurance is a very important thing. Examples are policies cover flood or lend a replacement car.

Risks Excluded
Once you understand what the risks are guaranteed by the insurance, it should be noted that excluded any risks or risks that are not covered by insurance. Examples of exclusions from the best car insurance that the company does not guarantee any damages caused when a vehicle is used to pull another vehicle, giving driving lessons, used to race cars, or used for crime.

Claims procedure
Ask party vehicle protection program to explain how the procedures for claims procedures, documents or files whatever is needed to file an insurance claim and also ask how long the deadline for filing claims and whether there is a fine or not.

Choose a company that is quick in handling claims customers. find out through the official website company about how many insurance claims received by the company. Do not just choose the best auto insurance company with a big name, but the service and its performance is so bad and slow.

The Become Insured name Dependents In Insurance Policy That
In auto insurance, the insurance company will only cover loss if the car is damaged due to the name of the insured not by others.

Insurance Beneficiaries
Usually insurance beneficiaries is the name listed in the policy. However, there are some insurance companies that allow insurance beneficiaries are insured and others.

Such Term Insurance Policy
Not only is the term that should be observed, but policyholders also have to look at the expiration of the policy. note the date, month and year of expiry of the policy.

Total Money Accountability
Look carefully, how much the insurance coverage, is there coverage for Third Party Liability (TPL). What is the amount of premiums, is there a loading fee? The cost of premiums and expansion of what is covered in the premium?

6. Use Services From Insurance Companies

Consider some of these things in choosing the best insurance company:

Make sure the best car insurance products that have come from the insurance company with good credibility in the public eye.

Settlement of customer complaints
Find information on the internet and various complaints about the insurance product forum. Notice how they resolve customer problems. The more problems solved, the better the insurance company.

General workshop partners and authorized repair shop
Note the list of their workshop partners, whether it consists of a workshop that is trusted and easy for you to make improvements, whether within the garage close to home or your work location. Consider the track record of the company workshop partners, make sure they have a good ability to improve your car.

Features companies
At the time of vehicle protection programs will pick up your car, it is good to pay attention to the service of the insurance or auto insurance such as hotline services, car towing, car replacement, as well as the branches spread everywhere. Why so? If you're outside the city and how many things happen that are not desirable, then you will be able to easily report the matter to the insurance company where you are.

Also make sure the service received in accordance with the agreements made. You also need to inquire about issues such insurance services to customers of others who have joined since long.
Choose an insurance company that has an application registration and vehicle insurance claims or other online. Because it is very easy for you, for example, if your car suddenly broke down on the motorway, you can claim insurance via the app directly from your smartphone.

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